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"If you want to make an audience laugh, you dress a man up like an old lady and push her down the stairs.


If you want to make comedy writers laugh, you push an actual old lady down the stairs." Tina Fey


Tabard Theatre in Chiswick - April 2018



Spontaneous Productions 

February 2018






Spontaneous Productions - July 2017






Camden Fringe 2016 How Does That Make You Feel? John Hill

Camden Fringe - August 2016





New writing showcase organized by Ghost Dog Productions

Ghost Dog Productions

February 2016







A short theatre play by John Hill was part of the Leytonstone Scratch Night

Leytonstone Itch - January 2016







One of John Hill's comedy plays at the East End Literary Salon

East End Literary Salon

February 2015







Edinburgh Festival Fringe  

August 2014







John Hill's Public Rights, Ancestral Wrongs was part of the Open to All  evening

An evening of short comedy plays

North London Actors - August 2013








LadyTracey by John Hill part of Insignificant Theatre's Rough Readings May 2013

Insignificant Theatre

Rough Readings - May 2013








How does that make you feel? by comedy writer John Hill with Hannah Dickinson Andrew Venning

Hannah DickinsonAndrew Venning in How Does That Make You Feel? - October 2012








Jersey Tails by John Hill - part of Insignificant Theatre's Rough Readings evening

Insignificant Theatre

November 2012








Photography courtesy of Insignificant Theatre

Lucy Grey & Dan March in

How Does That Make You Feel?

August 2012







Zeiltgist Theatre Grand Slam The Bedford

An evening of short plays with

Zeitgeist Theatre at the Bedford








Rough Readings by Insignificant Theatre - June 2012

Rough Readings - June 2012











I'm a journalist and writer specializing in comedy. I've written plays, sitcoms, novels and screenplays. I’ve also done some script editing and am part of a US-style writers room. 


I was short-listed for a Channel 4 comedy drama award, and long-listed for the Kenneth Branagh new drama writing award and a BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum.


I have IMDB credits for two episodes of a sitcom, and my Edinburgh and Camden Fringe debuts received several 4 and 5-star reviews.


My first feature, Blood Match, came second in the Reddit Screenwriting Contest, and I was a finalist in Cascade Pictures' Writers’ Couch script development initiative.


John Hill play in Love Bites Again

The set of Love Bites Again - February 2018




Love and Sudden Death - a comedy about adultery, revenge and the benefits of fully comprehensive home insurance was part of a sold-out evening organized by the lovely people at Get Over It Productions this month.


A comedy play called A Convenient Affair was selected for an evening of ten-minute plays about romance and heartbreak called Love Bites Again. The show was created by Spontaneous Productions and performed to a sell-out audience in February.




Suzie Houlihan & Darren Benedict in John Hill play Thanks For Sharing - April 2017

Suzie Houlihan & Darren Benedict in Thanks For Sharing - April 2017


One of my short film scripts, Instructions Not Included, was made by Vendrell Video; and a short play called Relative Fortunes  was joint winner in the Soundwork UK Monologue Competition. You can listen to their recording of it here. Soundwork UK has since been taken over by AudioJam.


A short comedy play called Christmas Break was part of the 600 Seconds evening of new writing organized by Spontaneous Productions at the Sydenam Centre in south London.


In April one of my short comedies - Thanks For Sharing - was part of an scratch evening of new writing organized by the Hidden Theatre Company at the Water Rats, a great comedy and music venue in Kings Cross.


John Hill Writer Camden Fringe 2016

The return of Just Some Sketch Night - Salford - May 2016




In August my Channel 4 shortlisted comedy - How Does That Make You Feel? - made its Camden Fringe debut. The week-long run was generously supported by Player Playwrights and thanks to our amazing cast and director the play received four 4-star reviews.

How Does That Make You Feel? at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre Camden Fringe August 2016 - more info


"Had me grinning from start to finish... brilliant." 

London Theatre 1 review


"Hill writes outrageously funny plays."

remotegoat review


"Funny, modern and a greatly entertaining story."

The Open Door review

"This brilliantly written short play is well worth an hour of your time… Put together the sharp fire wit and wild claims of attempted murder and infidelity are almost reminiscent of Monty Python. With only three in the cast and very little props it is a credit to the writing and acting to make this comedy so brilliant ...these crazy characters would be perfect in a sitcom but until then I highly recommend coming to see them interact in their counselling session."

Rachel Borland, London Theatre 1


In February one of my plays, Going Commando, featured in Playground, a three-night new writing showcase at the Horse & Stables, and a one-act comedy called Healing with Words was part of the four-day Supernova VII one-act play festival in Havant.


Going Commando featured in the January Leytonstone Itch scratch night at All You Read is Love, and one of my short  screenplays is currently in post production.


Healing With Words a comedy play by John Hill

Leigh Cunningham & Paul Millington in Healing With Words

Bench Theatre - February 2016 - Photo ©Dan Finch




My first feature screenplay, Blood Match, a vampire comedy, came second in the Reddit Screenwriting Contest.


At the Player Playwrights annual awards in December one of my plays won best comedy and another was runner up. This was an amazing surprise, especially as it's the first time this has happened in the group’s 67-year history.


Player Playwrights did a reading of a comedy called We Need to Talk About Clive in November. Going Commando was in the August Late Bloom Festival organized by The Space; it was also shortlisted for Little Pieces of Gold.


Playwright John Hill featued in the Supernova one-act theatre play festival in Havant

 A four-day festival of new writing for theatre - February 2016


In June Player Playwrights did a reading of Chasing Beckett, a two-act black comedy as well as a one-act play in March. One of my shorts was the closing play of the Southend International Playwrights Festival, and joint winner in the Best Comedy category.


The East End Literary Salon runs a series on new writing nights and performed one of my comedies, Instructions Not Included, in February; this play was also part of West Avenue's Briefs night at the Waterloo East Theatre in January.


John Hill comedy play at Player Playwrights

 Player Playwrights readings - March, June & November 2015




We Need to Talk About Clive was showcased by Fractured Lines Theatre in two of its Blaggards evenings in November. The company also debuted Instructions Not Included in September.


I wrote the majority of an Edinburgh Festival Fringe show called Better Together? which TheCultDen rated 10/10.


"The comedy is incredibly intelligent… and there are several genuine laugh out loud jokes. The whole show very much reminded me of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror series... it's very, very well done. This is the ideal Fringe show - go and see it."


Instructions not Included performed at a Blaggards evening by Fractured Lines  Theatre

 Two evenings of short complementary plays - November 2014


A 10-minute film, Jersey Tails, was short-listed for the ArtsEd film project. Two of my comedies were shortlisted for the Congleton one-act play festival and one of them made the finals.


Alternative Therapy was runner up in the Menagerie Theatre Company's one-page play competition at the Hotbed Festival of new writing in Cambridge.


 The Lost Theatre's 30th annual festival - May/June 2104


The Lost Theatre Company celebrated 30 years of its one-act play festival this year and We Need to Talk About Clive was part of the seven-night event. Festival adjudicator and theatre critic for The Stage, Paul Vale, said it was:


“…an extremely well written piece of comedy. Hill has crafted a deliciously sharp, comic turn… It is a piece of writing that Victoria Wood might be proud of… This is classic British comedy but with a dark twist.”


A longer version was given rehearsed readings by the N.W London Equity Branch - at the Pentameters Theatre and the Magdala - in May as part of their series of new play readings.


Jean Apps and Maxine Howard in We Need to Talk About Clive  in the May 2014 Theatre Breaks Festival of new writing

Jean Apps and Maxine Howard in We Need to Talk About Clive

Part of the 9th Theatre Breaks Festival of new writing - May 2014


We Need To Talk About Clive featured in Tiny Dog Productions' ninth Theatre Breaks Festival of new writing at the White Bear, as well as West Avenue Briefs evening at the Rosemary Branch Theatre.




I was a finalist in Cascade Pictures’ Writers’ Couch script development initiative; Player Playwrights did a reading of Exit Strategy, one of my full-length plays; and We Need to Talk About Clive was part of the August Theatre Breaks.


Player Playwrights did a reading of Exit Strategy in September 2013


Public Rights, Ancestral Wrongs  was given a reading by North London Actors in their Open to All evening, and a play titled Lady Tracey was part of Insignificant Theatre's Rough Readings


Public Rights, Ancestral Wrongs was in the May Theatre Breaks and Jersey Tails was chosen for the February festival.


Angus Chisholm and Jonathan Mathews in JerseyTails by John Hill - part of the 2013 Theatre Breaks Festival of new writing

Angus Chisholm and Jonathan Mathews

Theatre Breaks - February 2013




I wrote two episodes (127 Minutes  and A Deadly Trifle) of a 12-part sitcom called Marshal’s Law - created by Jason Attar and Niall Towl - which was broadcast on Sky in 2012 and 2013.


A 50-minute version of How Does That Make You Feel? was shortlisted for the Channel 4 Oran Mor Comedy Drama Award.


A stage version of Jersey Tails was part of Insignificant Theatre's Rough Readings, and Chasing Beckett, had a six-night run at The London Theatre.


Chasing Beckett - a black comedy by John Hill at London Theatre

Gary Heron & Jamie Treacher in Chasing Beckett

  Photo ©Helen Murray Photography


How Does That Make You Feel? was in an inaugural scratch night organized by the Accidental Collective at the Marlowe Studio Theatre in Canterbury.


It was long-listed for the Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh award for new drama writing, and was part of the Arundel Festival and TheatreLab's Scratch Weekend at the Shaw Theatre in London.


It also won the annual Congleton one-act play festival, was part of Insignificant Theatre's Rough Readings, and made the reserve list for the Lost Theatre one-act play festival.


Arundel Festival Drip Action Theatre Trail.jpg




I had comedies in Insignificant Theatre’s Speakeasy monologue evenings in August, and the March Theatre Breaks.


Blood Match, was long-listed for a BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum in 2010.


In 2011 a full-length play, Blackout, was selected for a reading by Script Readers at the Theatre Royal East Stratford, and one of my short plays was given a reading by Scriptspace at The Space.




RealDeal Theatre featured different episodes of the sitcom Armanie Briefs in their Sitcom Saturday events at Westminster Library (2008/9).


Emma Hymas Theatre Breaks John Hill

Emma Hymas in the Theatre Breaks short play festival - March 2012

Photo ©Jo Golby


An extract from one of my plays was part of Artists Anonymous’ Page to Stage readings at the Jacksons Lane Theatre in 2010.


Blackout and Chasing Beckett, had rehearsed readings with Nameless Theatre in its One Night Stand season in 2009/10.




Theatre Plays


In 2008 I was twice a finalist in the Zeitgeist Theatre’s Grand Slam evenings of short comedy plays at the Bedford in south London.


How does that make you feel? at the 2012 Arundel Festival

Jason Evans, Kathy Haigh & Paul Jones

Drip Action Theatre Trail - August 2012

Photo ©Colin Humphris


Two sitcoms - Troubleshooters and Monster Biscuits - which were taken on for development by the award winning Comedy Unit, made the finals of the Sitcom Trials at the Soho Theatre in 2007, and Fringe Report awarded joint first place to Troubleshooters.


Sketch Shows


I co-wrote a sketch show/revue called Cold Turkey, which had runs at the Charles Cryer Theatre and the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre.


Payback by John Hill at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, London

Nicola Boyce & Tom Lambert in Payback at the Jack Studio Theatre


My first full-length play, Payback, won a new-writing competition at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre and was given a three-week run.


“John Hill’s Payback slams the world of middle-class sofa-sitting with more punchlines than the TV sitcoms it is obviously upstaging.” - South London Press.


I'm a journalist and travel writer, and write and photograph the travel website DayTripsToEurope.


If I had any free time I’d only waste it.


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Cold Turkey by John Hill & Steve Parker at the Charles Cryer Theatre, London

The cast of Cold Turkey 

a sketch show at the Charles Cryer Theatre







Suzie Houlihan & Darren Benedict in playwright John Hill comedy play

Hidden Theatre Company

April 2017


"In my opinion the real star of the show was John Hill’s writing. The gags are funny, the story is believable, and the plot points are bold. Hill’s use of subtext is subtle and clever, blending two conversations at the same time… With an extra boost this play would not feel out of place on E4..."

Joshua Oakes-Rogers,

The Open Door


John Hill short play in West Avenue's Briefs

West Avenue Briefs - January 2015








The Theatre Breaks Festival of New Writing at the White Bear, Kennington, in May

The ninth Theatre Breaks Festival

White Bear Kennington - May 2014







Jason Attar - the star of a sitcom about PCSOs called Marshals Law

Jason Attar

in the sitcom Marshal's Law








Chasing Beckett a black comedy by John Hill with Jamie Treacher and Gary Heron

Chasing Beckett at The London Theatre- October 2012









Insignificant Theatre's Speakeasy monologue evenings in August 2012

Speakeasy - August 2012









Photography courtesy of Insignificant Theatre

Greg Patmore in the Speakeasy

Monologues - August 2012








Stephen Chance in Armanie Briefs by John Hill - Sitcom Saturday

Stephen Chance in Armanie Briefs

Photo ©Hazel Dunlop







Theatre Breaks March 2012 - Tiny Dog Productions

Tiny Dog Productions

Theatre Breaks - March 2012








The Cold Turkey sketch show at Charles Cryer Theatre

Sketch show at the

Charles Cryer Theatre



























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